Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Great Society

Don't get me wrong. I am usually as liberal as they come. I admire LBJ. I have visited his library no less than six times. Medicare, social security, civil rights, and all the other legislation from the mid-sixties are programs I believe in but...

I pause when the father of the baby I just delivered tells me this is his ninth child. How is this possible? Three babies with each of three women. Or I receive a 16 year old girl pregnant with her third child from a nearby psychiatric hospital. She was admitted there when she expressed her suicidal thoughts to another obstetrician. All three of her babies are the product of rape. The second child is dead. This child's father is 33 years old and thankfully in jail.

There is decay in this Great Society. Our cultures of greed, power, and lust* are eating away at the heart of our nation, killing our children. Not my children, you say. Think. How will your children cope with all those born in such circumstances as I have described?

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