Friday, July 27, 2007

These words

This morning I am struck by how much pleasure seeing my own words in print has given me. Yesterday was not the first time I have enjoyed seeing my thoughts streaming out across the page. In my life, which now spans more than half a century, there is much experience from which to draw. Over the years I have recorded some thoughts and experiences in various journals. Very few times have I ever invited anyone to read them. Now I am not only leaving this journal open but I am inviting people to read it.

So this space feels more than just a bit sacred to me. As I write, I imagine how a preacher must feel stepping into a pulpit. These words maybe mine but the essence of what I say comes from outside myself. Much of what I hope to write here comes from my experience as a local MD. Of course there are other facets of my life that will cast insight into these pages but being a physician is a very important part of who I am.

My sense is that conversation is indispensable. I hope that if you happen on to this space and something resonates with you, you will be compelled to leave some of your words here also. Again, if we are not here for each other, then why are we here?
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