Thursday, December 25, 2008

When the doctor gets sick

I am ill infrequently and it that is a good thing for many reasons. The last time I was sick was seven years ago. I woke up in the early hours of a Saturday morning with the worst pain of my life. That is another story. It and this current malady illustrate how illness happens at odd hours.

My current affliction began as my family was getting ready for the Christmas eve service. Fortunately not as severe as the bowel obstruction I had seven years ago, this problem will need a prescription medication for treatment. I would never call a doctor on Christmas eve. I might go to an emergency room - if I believed my death to be imminent. As the night wore on and I had looked through all the medicine cabinets in the house for left over antibiotics. No, doctors and their families fail to finish prescription medications just like everyone else and no, we don't throw them out either.

Failing to find anything left over that I might take I have settled for home remedies that I remember my mother using. Wishing it were office hours and I could just call my personal physician I am beginning to think about plan B which will be to scrounge through the sample cabinet at work to see if anything in there might help.

No, I don't just call in medications for myself. What is that adage, "A doctor who threats herself has a fool for a patient" especially in a state that has as many nonphysician members on the State Board of Medical Examiners as mine. Plan C is to find a doctor, any doctor and a pharmacy owned by Jewish people (Walgreen's in case you did not know) to get a prescription filled before 4 PM today. Even Jewish people go home early on Christmas.
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