Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The gift of July

Every year, July brings with it a new beginning. Brand new, fresh faced, eager, and probably terrified new doctors and nurses dot the hospital. With them these newly minted professional bring a wealth of knowledge and some experience from their respective professional schools. Most importantly though they bring with them the gift of enthusiasm.

For these new professionals medicine is fresh and exciting. Yes, it takes longer to do everything. From the initial history taken from the simplest patient to surgical procedures that almost double in length I will be watching every move that each one makes. Though most aspects of hospital practice slow for a few months as these young women and men acclimate to their new roles, I don't care.

Even the residents who have been here for a year or more are moving up a step. They are more alert, eager, excited. This enthusiasm for medicine serves to invigorate all of us. This all comes at just the time when we need it.

So in those moments when I am watching every move, count the number of throws in each knot and making sure they are square, questioning each and every finding, asking for that complete differential diagnosis, checking the lab tests myself, I will also take some time to enjoy working here. The privilege that surpases that of practicing medicine is the privilege of sharing the experiences of others who are new to learning to practice medicine.
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