Monday, October 5, 2009

Down time

If my book ever gets written it will be like this. I have my feet up waiting for a case to go to the operating room.

Maya Angelo has a quote I read recently which goes something like, "Never whine. Whining only lets the bullies know who you are." Reading this has given me new resolve to figure life out. Which you would think I would have done by now. After all I have been at this more than half a century. But then maybe I have spent too much time whining.

Taking this job I believed I could make better use of the down time. Yet, in over 4 months I have not gotten the hang of it. I have yet to sleep on the mornings when I am on call. This is the best time in my twenty four hour shift to do so but I am either simply not tired, as today, or I have too much left over stuff to do. I have written lecture notes and articles. I catch up on odds and ends. Anything I can do from a laptop computer and the telephone, I will do in those quieter hours of the morning.

Before I know it, the downtime is gone. I am in the ER or doing a C-section or some other procedure with one of the first year residents. Surgery with them takes twice as long as it would for me to do it myself. I remind myself this is normal and make a mental note to buy some support hose.

Well, it is time to go upstairs to the OR but this is what I should be doing with the down time.
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