Thursday, February 11, 2010

A new diagnosis

I was ill last week. Originally, I believed my illness was food poisoning. As I heard of more people having a similar illness, I decided it was just something going around. My case was unusually severe, requiring a full day in bed and then another five or six days before I could eat normally. In talking with one of my colleagues about the fact that I was almost unable to get out of bed for an entire 24 hour period, he said "You know, I think you may have had 'man flu'."

"Man flu," I cried, "What in the world is that?"

"Actually I learned about it from one of my patients," he told me. "She said that when she has the flu, she is somehow able to get up and care for the kids, do some cooking, and keep the house straight. When her husband has the flu however, it is so severe he is not able to rise from bed except to go to the bathroom."

Man flu. I hope no one else at my house gets it.
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