Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's here!

Yes, the healthcare reform bill is signed and no, you can't drop your existing health insurance. As a matter of fact, my health insurance premium is likely to rise. BUT in six months, my son, who has a pre-existing condition that no health plan in this state will cover will no longer be denied coverage because I changed jobs.

I, like many Americans, have approached this health care reform bill with caution. Unlike most of my friends and colleagues, I have tried not to mix my own opinions with the facts. A friend of mine reported on her blog, "We are entitled to our own opinions but not our own facts."

So here is a fact which has helped me support healthcare reform: The United States ranks 41st on the World Health Organization's list of maternal death rates.

You read that correctly. It is safer to have a baby in South Korea or Bosnia than it is to give birth in the United States. My colleagues are all up in arms that someone (the President and the Speaker of the House) are going to take away their fortunes and tell them how to practice medicine. Honestly, I don't know anyone who is practicing medicine so poorly that women are dying as a result. Yet, I see many ways were physicians could all do better.

Isn't that what reform is about, doing better? I know that your definition of better and mine maybe different, but we can both agree that there are many facts here which need to be changed. As a country America can get better health care for everyone for the money which is spent on a few. Many of the few are not receiving the best, even as they pay for it.

In my mind, healthcare reform will work not just when everyone gets coverage, at any price. Health care reform will be working when the maternal death rate, which has risen steadily in America over the past decade, begins to fall. I believe reform, which will require more documentation and over site will help accomplish this.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you!
I am self employed and finding health insurance that makes sense has been very challenging, particularly since my kids have mild asthma. They have been rejected for asthma although it is so mild and so well controlled that we have only had one dr visit other than annual checkups in the last 5 years and I spend about $75 per year on asthma medications. I also cannot get an insurance policy that has a lifetime maximum over 1 million and that is exactly when I would want insurance! This plan may not be perfect, but it is a step in the right direction.