Saturday, September 8, 2012

'Modern' Medicine

I haven't written here in awhile.  It is not that I haven't written.  The reason for my absence is job related and I really cannot get into that story at this time.  Yet, I need a place to keep all my thoughts about medicine, the practice of it, and what it is like to be a physician in this time we call postmodernism. 

Take my father's stay in the rehabilitation facility for instance.  (I will write about his admission to the hospital in another post.)  He has been here now for a little over a week.  I must say, I have seen real progress.  But last night they restarted his the intraveneous fluids that he needed two weeks ago.

I was shocked when I came in this morning.  He ate and drank yesterday better than he has in over two weeks.  When I ask, I was told his creatinine is elevated.  Yes, it is.  It has been for TEN YEARS.  We have gone to the same hospital system for the past two years.  I have discussed this elevation with nine different physicians.  I have discussed it twice with his current admitting physician. But the tenth doctor was on call last night when someone notice the blood work which was drawn 12 hours before.  So the pearl for the day?  The electronic medical record is only valuable when someone reads it. 
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