Friday, August 21, 2009

"Denial ...

"Denial gets you no where." The first time I heard that phase I had just transected a patient's ureter (tube from the kidney to the bladder) in an effort to stop her exsangunation. For those not in medicine, transected means cut in two. Exsangination is, well, simply bleeding that will kill you. All the blood in the body is moving outside the circulatory system rapidly. Usually the patient's heart is beating about 180 times per minute, which is only slightly faster than the doctor's. Neither patient nor physician can sustain this kind of stress for very long.

"Denial gets you no where" has become a motto of sorts. I try see things as they are not as I hoped they would be. I don't expect events to occur as I would like without an effort on my part to effect a positive outcome. My eyes are wide open and in my new position it is a good thing.

An average day is going to contain at least one case of syphilis, one cocaine positive drug screen, and a multitude of teen pregnancies. It is also very likely someone will be bleeding enough to need a blood transfusion. If we (this job is a team effort) are lucky no one will die, everyone will getting treated appropriately, and we will move on to the next day with at least some optimism intact.
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