Sunday, August 30, 2009

Special day

Twenty years ago at 3:17 PM this afternoon a blessing of unbelievable proportion arrived. My eldest child was born. After a mere 27 hours of labor he arrived by Cesarian section, looking wide eyed and wary of this big world. His place in my life is always one of welcome. It is like a cool breeze on an August morning in Texas. The promise even better things to come.

These two decades have passed at warp speed for me especially where N's life is concerned. Parenting, though at times tough, is a position I love. I believe both of us would admit I have not always done it well. My role as a mother has given me a perspective on this life and beyond I could not have gotten anywhere else. I am most grateful for this role.

Yet, more than my role as a mother, I am grateful for this person, who he is, and who he is becoming. His big brown eyes still look at the world warily but often with excitement and awe. It is always a pleasure when our conversations gives me a new view and this is often.

Birthdays are special days for those who own them either by entering the world on that particular day or by being apart of that entrance.
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