Friday, March 13, 2009

It's the truth

This story should come under a title like: How do you make this stuff up? The truth is I couldn't if I tried.

Phone call with the nurse, "I need to come in for some blood tests. I have been dieting and exercising and I just can't lose any weight." The nurse said there were sniffs and she felt the patient was about to cry.

I called the patient back. "What kind of blood work do you think you need? What kind of symptoms are you having," I ask.

"Well, I am having trouble with my hormones. I think they are out of balance because I can't loose weight, " my patient replies.

Trying harder to figure this out I continue, "Are your menstrual periods regular? Are you having any hot flashes or night sweats?"

"No," my patient continues slowly. "The worst thing is that I get dizzy when I eat cake and ice cream."

I am glad we were on the telephone.
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