Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Real time

Most of the posts in this blog have to do with things that have happened in the past. At 3:06 am or zero three hundred hours on this shift as an OB hospitalist, I am posting in real time. I can't sleep even though things are quiet at the moment because the housekeeping crew has decided tonight is the night that they will wax the floors in the on call area. I wonder if this happens on the same day every month? Maybe I can negotiate that day out of my contract.

This is a new phase in my career. I am going to be working as a hospitalist nine to twelve days a month. So far so good. There are several potential disasters but all is quiet. It is like being a resident again with no staff to back me up. I am also the staff physician for the resident clinic. I have done deliveries, staffed residents on their deliveries, taken care of many mundane health problem, seen one extremely interesting case unlike anything I have ever seen before, and the only problem is this noise induced insomnia. Well, that and I am still a bit nervous about what might happen.
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