Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday's child?

At times I have serious doubts about whether anyone reads this blog. At other times I feel afraid to say how I feel or divulge too much. Today, while I do care, I think those of you who might read this and contemplate going into medicine need to know some days are, as a former resident classmate of mine would describe, "Just the pits!"

It really began last night. One of the doc's in my group had a death in the family and called to ask if I would take his call on Tuesday so he could go to the funeral. He had tried to call others but no one is in town except those of us on call. I had something really important planned for Tuesday but it wasn't as big as a funeral, so I ended up telling him I would do it.

With that mind set I came to work only to be confronted with a sick patient in the emergency department. She needs some treatment and then surgery tomorrow which I will have to do on a holiday weekend when things are slower than normal. To make things even worse, she is mentally ill. After a conversation with her and then with the family, I had to take a walk around the block to make sure I was thinking straight.

Next, I was confronted with a belligerent family. There seem to be several on this holiday weekend where the hospital is overflowing and understaffed.

So that is how this Sunday has gone.

Enough of this self pity. It is time to get back to work.
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reverendmother said...

I'm reading.

local MD said...

Thank you rm!

Anonymous said...

Just heard about your blog and plan to read regularly!

Anonymous said...

please continue your column.... interesting, informative and very well written.... anonymous #2