Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am pretty sure what ever you choose to call my generation, officially known as the "baby boomers," the "me generation" would be a better fit. I see this everywhere. Many of us drive big, gas guzzling cars, live in homes with enough square footage to graze cattle, and believe that the current government is trying to take all of this away from us by taxing us to death. So, this election cycle, I have chosen to sit it out so to speak.

Oh, I voted. Yes, I was at the polls the first week of early voting with my choices for the least worst candidates in many cases and in some, those candidates who I think will preform rather well. I have "Had Enough" and in my state that pretty much means I have had enough of the Me generation politicians who have been in power since I was in college. In my opinion our current governor has used his near decade in office to ruin our public schools, get almost everyone their own personal handgun, and make billions for his friends. Again, mostly this has happened because my generation was too busy making money to worry about where the state, country, or world was headed.

Back to my participation in this election. I put my yard signs out months ago, which only served to alienate me further from my neighbors. Oh yes, and I have a sticker on my car. I know this is risky, since many of the supporters of my candidate's opponent carry concealed weapons. I am just careful not to cut anyone off on my drive to work. I have been lucky so far. If my candidate does happen to win, I will pull that sticker off the day after the election.

As I said before I voted, but I did not remind my friends to vote. They are all voting for the other guy. I know this because we have rather in depth conversations about what might change the current course of our state, this country and especially our profession.

I still believe the health care plan is a start. I am well aware of the fact that medical insurance has increased by 10% this year. Remember, I am self employed and I buy my own. I will continue to drive my old car, which gets better than thirty miles to a gallon. I could have a new hybrid for what I paid in medical insurance and health care costs this year for myself and my family. The truth is medical care costs money and no one took one the biggest cost which are the insurance companies themselves into consideration in constructing the latest legislation. Why, the politicians needed the financial support of the insurance companies to get re-elected. Their CEOs and the CEO of the hospital where I work will still make at least 7 figures. They are part of the "me generation" too.

Where is this going? To solve these very real problems, someone will have to give up something. Honestly, I don't think it will be the "me generation" and I am afraid we have not raised our children and grandchildren to do this either. I think those who have immigrated here will likely be the ones willing to work hard for less and find ways to make change happen.
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