Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sports and politics

I dressed in black this morning. At first I thought this was in mourning for my favorite baseball team, beaten in the World Series last night by a superior team. Then I realized it is election day. Oh, don't get me wrong. I have waited for this day for months. I cast my ballot weeks ago when early voting opened. I can't wait for all the yard signs to disappear and the negative ads to be gone from television and radio. Yet, in a moment of reality this morning, I realize that, just like the baseball game last night, this election cycle is another lost opportunity.

Going back to baseball, I liked the San Francisco Giants. I rooted for them against Atlanta and the Philles. They were the National League team I wanted to see in the World Series. I was surprised at myself when I began to feel something akin to hate in game 1. However, I think I can like them again, those young, quirky pitchers, that awesome catcher, who I don't think shaves every day, and a bunch of ol' guys who already have World Series rings from by gone eras on other teams. As I pulled on my black shirt, I realized they are just like my team in that they had hope and heart and they wanted to win. Really it was just the bounce of a ball back in San Francisco that gave them the momentum to do just that.

The change, the anger, rage really, that is sweeping this country is much different from fan excitement in sports. I have listened carefully to Mr. Boehner, who in all likelihood will be the next speaker of the House, for the past two years. He has been on a mission to discredit everything the current administration has tried to do. It is clear that Mr. Boehner cares about one thing - winning. If gridlocking Congress will accomplish that goal, then by all means, he and his colleagues were happy to do it.

Just as my Rangers made some errors, the other side carries some responsibility for their plight at the end of this day. From where I sit as the local MD, government has done little to help any of us through this quagmire that is the healthcare system. Yet, I am hear to tell you that our emergency rooms cannot continue to be the front line for care for what are ever increasing scores of uninsured people. It is an impossible task and it is also bad business and bad medicine.
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Anonymous said...

Mitch McConnell was asked what the single most important priority of the next congress will be. He said, "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president...."

Stay classy, GOP.