Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor day

Several weeks ago I overheard a conversation between my two teenage sons. My eldest son had a summer job at a local bookstore. One evening after he explained to his brother how tired he was and how much he disliked his job the younger one replied, "Well, duh, that is why they call it work."

Despite the fact that I am often exhausted and despite the fact that there are some unsavory aspects to my job, I would rate my job satisfaction as high. Part of this comes from the fact that practicing medicine is challenging and rarely routine. Yet, much of the fulfillment from my work comes from the approval I receive from my patients. I have found a sincere "Thank you," to be a great reward.

Medicine is not just a series of diseases to overcome though battling disease is a large part of my work and I enjoy the effort involved in making a diagnosis. For me practicing medicine is to participate in healing. Often this is to diagnose diseases and prescribe appropriate treatment. At other times practicing medicine is providing comfort when all the treatments are done.
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