Saturday, September 8, 2007


On the way to work this morning at 5 AM I am overcome by the number of cars already on the freeway. Being old enough to remember when most of the world slept at night, I recall a time when there were no twenty-four hour retail stores and "7-Eleven" was a convenience store that opened at 7 AM and closed at 11 PM. My kids refuse to believe that television stations ever went off the air much less accept as a fact that the programing day ended as early as 10 PM. Many businesses now operate around the clock and if the store is not open the web site can be accessed twenty-four/seven.

In my daily life I find it difficult to escape human made sound. I miss darkness where the only light is that of the moon and the stars. I cannot feel nor do I hear the earth breathe. The result: I feel as if I am holding my own breath. The rhythm of life is interrupted by synthetic sound and artificial light.

When does humankind rest? The earth has existed for eons without constant mortal attention. Could the restlessness of the human race be exhausting all of creation?

Friends discuss keeping sabbath, a period of rest.

I have heard the lecture.

I need the lab.
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reverendmother said...

You and me both!

People are slowly but surely signing up for the Sabbath Project and will be potlucking at my house in one week. I have a sneaking feeling they're going to come hoping I have some kind of answers for them on how to do sabbath easily.


local MD said...

RM, your blog has been helpful. I am trying to restructure a day by going in later. I do appreciate the concrete ideas.