Monday, May 17, 2010

The babies

While most of my stories end with the birth of the baby, when I was in private practice, I always enjoyed seeing my patients' children grow. Because of this, I cannot resist visits to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to see the babies. Occasionally one will celebrate a 1st birthday there. Usually the stint is much shorter. After graduating to intermediate care and "rooming in" with the parents over night to allow the parents to adjust to the machines such as the apnea and bradycardia monitor which checks heart rate and breathing, these kids will go home.

This morning, however, I am thinking about Megan. This is not her real name but she is a real baby. Born in early January, she weighed slightly more than a pound. She is now almost six pounds and her mother is now 18. Megan's mother rarely visits I am told. Megan is very fussy and the non-pediatrician that I am, I thought this was due to inattention. I ask to hold Megan and I noticed she gets quiet for a few seconds but then she is fussy again. The respiratory therapist explained the fussiness is due to air hunger. That is right, even with oxygen on, Megan struggles to breath. She is off the ventalator in an effort to get her stable enough to move to intermediate care.

For those of you out there who have had the opportunity to sit with someone afflicted with emphysema, air hunger is what makes these adults so restless. Every nerve connected to respiration is firing, pushing the muscle cells that control respiration to work harder and faster. When this doesn't work, more catecholamines are released, making other nerves and muscles twitch.

Perhaps you arrived at the conclusion of this story before I did. How is a mother who was 17 when this baby was born going to deal with these health problems in her daughter? This mother did not seek medical care when she was pregnant and she did not follow medical advice when she was in premature labor. Yes, social services is involved. And yes, there are days that my prayer is one of thanks that I do not have that job.
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