Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Every so often, usually once a month or so, I think about looking for a new job. Sometimes I even go as far as searching Internet sites to see what is available. Once I went to look at a hospital, clinic, and the surrounding area. That was in the middle of the winter, a particularly difficult time, as I was spending even my days off indoors.

Last week was a particularly awful week in terms of outcomes. Cancer in a pregnant woman can be devastating, so I don't understand why I expect something different. I can still remember a post mortem C-section I did as a resident on a young woman with advanced cancer. One of the nurses who cared for this woman told me she got a card with a picture of the baby each year for several years. The woman's parents raised the child and had become so bonded with the hospital staff, they wanted to share the good which came from this tragedy.

There are many situations where those working in this hectic world of artificial light and air never see any good. We are left to wonder what keeps the sun coming up, the moon rising, the seasons changing. Thankfully it is spring.
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