Monday, August 13, 2007


For the word "physician"the American Heritage Dictionary gives three definitions: 1. A person licensed to practice medicine; a medical doctor. 2. A person engaged in a general medical practice as distinct from surgery. 3. A person who heals or exerts a healing influence.

"Doctor" on the other hand has seventeen definitions. When used as a verb the range of meaning is everything from "return to the original working condition, repair, mend" to the definition "tamper with; falsify"

When asked what it is that I do, I refer to myself as a physician. I would like to believe that is true. I hope that I have never tampered with or tried to falsify any part of my patients. I am quite sure that many times my part in a patient's recovery is minuscule, perhaps only as a witness that it is taking place.

There are many elements required for healing to occur. Sometimes a physician is needed. It is important to realize that medicine is not the only thing required. In realizing this, good physicians are guided by a desire to exert a healing influence even when there is little that medical science can do.
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