Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A small envelope arrived today. The handwriting could have been my grandmother's. The return address belonged to a long time patient who I have seen for years. This woman has never had any big medical problems. It has all been small stuff, routine wellness care for the most part. She has aged a great deal in the last few years. She and I had a telephone conversation about how often she needed to be seen a few months ago.

In the card, the same meticulous script reads "Dear Dr. ______, Thank you very much for caring about me. It is too hard for me to get downtown these days and I have found a doctor closer to my home. Thank you again for all the care and concern you and your office have given me all these years."

I will call her tomorrow. She has made my day. I overheard a discussion about success today. This is how I would like to define it. A patient who felt that I cared about her. May it be so with all my patients everyday.
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