Thursday, August 30, 2007


The last ten days have flown by and again I need to apologize for how this blog is floundering as I work, rest, play and regroup.

A gift that I have given to my favorite young doctor friends when they graduate from the residency program and become full fledged colleagues is that of a clock. Usually something small and obscure that would fit well in their new office to help them monitor the day as patients are being seen. I have one in my office that sits on my bookshelf. I can look just over a patient's head and see it.

With the clock there is a message that goes something like this: "In your chosen profession you will have an abundance of many things but there will never be enough time. Your time will have to be divided between work and home, patients and family. You will never have enough for either, let alone enough for yourself. My hope is that this clock will remind you of these facts and help you spend your day wisely for time is far more precious than gold."
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