Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In my prefect world...

...children are not allowed out of their parent's sight until they are self supporting.

...low rise pants cause temporary sterility.

...all ovulating women, regardless of age, develop an aversion to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. If impregnated, this will last until the off-spring's 18th birthday.

...courses in basic household finance, child psychology and development, and human nutrition are required for high school graduation.

...there is a fail safe birth control device which can be implanted at puberty, is safe, effective, and some how encourages abstinence until the individual is mentally, physicially and emotionally ready for parenthood.
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Anonymous said...

Can I come live in your world? or at least send my kids there?

local MD said...

Remember this is "my perfect world," or laws I would inact if I were the Queen.

Anonymous said...

Can I put Elliott on the waiting list for those classes?